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Spartan Manual Industrial Laminator

  • Low-cost manually operated industrial laminator
  • Banishes creases and bubbles
  • Compact & robust manually-operated laminator
  • No power supply required
  • Makes professional-quality filming safe, simple and efficient
  • No more creases or wrinkles, just great flat, crease and bubble-free lamination
  • It takes just seconds, wind the handle, and trim the film with a safety knife

Apply Pressure Sensitive Protective Film to Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Acrylic & Many More Materials


Suitable For Protective Filming of Glass, Mirror Backing, IGUs, Boards, Stainless Steel & Aluminium Sheets


No more wrinkles, just great flat, crease & bubble free lamination.

It takes just seconds, lay up the mirror or other sheet material on a table with castor balls or rollers, wind the handle, and trim the film with a safety knife.

This simple but heavy-duty machine built with precision components applies pressure sensitive protective film, bubble- and crease free, to glass and mirrors, stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and most other flat sheet materials.

No special skills needed. Banish downtime & waste caused by creases & bubbles, professional quality filming on budget every time.

Developed together with 30 years of Universal Laminators' industrial design expertise, this low cost manually cranked design is a logical entry-level version of the long established automated film applicator range.

The SPARTAN requires no power supply and so is quickly and simply set up to start performing in production within hours of taking delivery.

The lamination operation is de-skilled making professional quality filming by any competent worker safe, simple and efficient.

Laminator Specifications:

    • Suitable for a wide range of pressure sensitive films.
    • Adjustable Nip with Digital Readout.
    • Material thickness: Standard Range from 1.0mm up to 30.0mm.
    • Model 1: 800mm / Model 2: 1000mm / Model 3: 1320mm. *other sizes by enquiry *
    • Fast and Easy Reel Changes using the SureGrip™ Air-Expanded Mandrel System.
    • Suits Film Reel sizes 76mm core up to 305mm Reel diameter, 150kg.
    • Maximum Length: Conveyor Dependent to Customer Specification.
    • Minimum Product Length:  200 mm.
    • Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors to suit your products.


Spartan Laminator Specifications

If you manually apply high-tack anti-shatter safety film to the back of mirrors, you know just how the fast 'grab' makes life difficult to get it on right first time.

Apply high-tack safety film to mirrors, or low-tack protective film to single glass products like coated, printed, painted, balustrades, and even Insulating Glass units.

Lites are separated nose-to tail with a hand knife, and if processing mixed sizes, there is only the outside edge to trim. When running standard size sheets, the film width can be chosen to match the work to completely eliminate waste and trims.

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